Background-Check.com is a leading directory listing largest number various background check companies serving specific industries, hiring needs to complete investigations. Our index of screeners offers a variety of professional pre employment services which ranges from automated online background checks to full service brick and mortar independent private investigators. A number of the better rated background screeners are not necessarily and easily found on the web, firms simply employing better search engine optimization may appear online above many quality services. The professional services we listed are not ranked based on marketing practices, but rather their services which are unique to your industry.

We provide information about individual background check companies and continuously update with more information. Helping visitors to be better informed about the choice of services for employers. Background-Check.com is utilized by anyone, from large companies to individuals looking to hire new employees, contractors, nannies to personal purposes, from one applicant to an entire staff. The companies listed can go beyond a general background criminal search for employers which need to verify qualifications, work history, education, security clearance and more. Perouse by area and hand pick the service that best meets your individual needs whether a landlord screening tenants, partnerships, domestic relations and discovery for attorneys.

In circumstances when the investigation or screening needs to be conducted outside of your state, Background-Check.com provides an entire list of services viewable by county and cities. Our directory does not represent any particular or individual firms listed, we provide the current contact information, search for company associations, memberships and more. Background-Check.com is not affiliated with any of the companies. All firms operate independently and in most cases maintain a separate site for more information about their company and services.